Who are the Corporate Buyers?

Corporate buyers participating in the World Health Tourism Congress (WHTC) undergo thorough pre-qualification processes, ensuring alignment with their budget and active engagement in health treatment abroad programs for their respective organizations. These carefully selected buyers are specifically seeking global solutions to enhance and expand their health tourism programs. The vetting process underscores WHTC’s commitment to facilitating meaningful connections between healthcare solution providers and corporate entities actively involved in the health tourism sector.

Corporate Buyers are divided into four main categories:

  • Ministries of health
  • Insurance companies
  • Fortune 500 multinational corporations
  • Travel agencies specialized in promoting health tourism
The primary objective of the event is to facilitate meetings between corporate buyers, from the GCC area, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Russian-speaking countries, and top-notch solution providers worldwide. Each corporate buyer undergoes a rigorous pre-qualification process and commits to specific conditions:
  • 1. Ultimate Decision Maker: They hold the highest decision-making authority within their organization regarding health and medical tourism initiatives.
  • 2. Substantial Budget: They possess a significant budget earmarked for health and medical tourism ventures.
  • 3. Active Search for Partnerships: They are proactively seeking new partnerships to engage in business collaborations.
This stringent selection criteria ensures that WHTC brings together key decision-makers with the financial capacity to drive meaningful engagements and partnerships in the health and medical tourism sector.
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